There is a growing need to understand what a mental ability called "dissociation" can do.

Partly, as a result of the success of helping my wife, Holly, understand some of her disabilities that have resulted from childhood trauma, I have decided to create a website that might help others as well!

Dissociation is something that every human mind can do. It is quite common actually, but we who dissociate often would rather keep that part of our privacy private to ourselves alone. Left unchecked though, it can literally and quite unknowingly become a problem in coping.

I recently created a website with the theme of the question of "Did I D.I.D. Me?" in order to help folks understand what might go into the process of dissociation becoming a disorder as well as what might go into the process of dissociation no longer being a problem.

Note that dissociation and disorders related to it require a professional to diagnosis, but, even so, the signs of them are, at times, undeniably apparent in some cases, and some of those are the signs I try to bring to light through the course of the material at the website.

The website is currently in the works > I suspect it will be an ongoing project.


Please feel free to check it out sometime! :)

Thursday, November, 11th, 2021